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by dragonkahn

Can be seen be all,
But hides away when light falls.
A parasite like a leech,
Everywhere where light cannot reach.
A necessity that we must carry,
Carriage that is necessary.
For without the shadow, we have no light,
Day does not exist without night.
It will forever be with us,
Seeable, Untouchable, Relentless.

Thy name is Shadow.
A necessary evil.

by dragonkahn

Alone, I walk the sands of time,
Because I know, a ray of light I shall find.
Leading me the way,
Out of the chaos and fray.
I stare up high into the light,
Giving me the courage to fight.
To let go of all this suffering,
Hope is what the light brings.
And though I know the shadow will always be with me,
A ray of light is all I need to see.

Thy name is Light.
The never-ending struggle for hope.
This is my first graphic poem ever, and I am very pleased with the finished product, both the graphic and poetic aspect of it. This graphic poem actually functions as two poems, "Relentless Evil" and "Signs of Hope," but are connected to each other through their meaning and relationship.

The main focus of what I wanted to convey through this graphic poem is how two such things, shadow and light, contrasting and conflicting with each other in every way, still has a purpose and need for the other. A necessary feud, so to speak.
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solid-jamz Featured By Owner May 19, 2002
Awesome. I especially like the "signs of hope." Whould it be possible for me to a get a copy of the graphic version of the two poems in a higher resolution. I like to print out various deviantart that I find and I defiantly want to put this one on my wall. Keep up the good work.
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mcgeezer Featured By Owner May 19, 2002
Yeah I read it too and it was pretty deep. Don't put yourself down philoader.
dragonkahn Featured By Owner May 19, 2002
philoader, no no, don't say that! That was some great literature in that wallpaper. Has a great rhythm and was meaningfully deep. Don't stop whatchoo doin'! =) (Smile)
[[[:: long live the dragon ::]]]
philoader Featured By Owner May 19, 2002
Wow.. I did like the same thing as you.. just not as good writing.. :x (Mad) [link]
mcgeezer Featured By Owner May 19, 2002
How deep.

No but really, I like it. I could never write something that good.
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